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12.400 euros por una cinta de los Beatles

Una grabación del mítico grupo inglés en la puja organizada por la casa de subastas Cameo en Midham (Inglaterra) fue vendida ayer por 9.800 libras (unos 12.372 euros).


El ejemplar, de 1964 aproximadamente, contiene media hora de canciones y diálogos del grupo, mostrando un ambiente distendido y animado entre sus componentes.

La cinta, desaparecida desde entonces, la encontró recientemente el hijo de un hombre relacionado con la industria musical al limpiar la casa de su difunto padre.

La identidad del hombre se desconoce ya que, según la casa de subastas, desea permanecer en el anonimato. Tan sólo se sabe que la grabación se halló en el norte de Inglaterra.

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The Beatles: Giggling fit tape found in loft

A never before heard tape of John Lennon and Paul McCartney having a fit of the giggles during a recording session has been discovered tucked away in a loft.

The rare clip features The Beatles in happier times joking with each other during a recording of melancholic ballad I'll Follow The Sun in 1964.

The 30 minute reel-to-reel tape is being auctioned after being discovered in a loft, where it had sat unplayed for more than 40 years.

Auctioneer Jon King said: "The vendor lives up north and was clearing up his father's loft when he discovered it.

"His father is still alive and worked in the music industry.

"When you listen to the recording it makes your skin tingle because it's from a period of time when the Beatles were still friends, it's early Beatles.

"You can hear John, Paul and Ringo having a joke and a laugh together. They are laughing because they can't get a song right.

"It's a real collectors piece. We are expecting a lot of interest in it worldwide."

The tape, which includes other Beatles hits and cover versions of other artists' songs, goes under the hammer at Cameo Auctioneers in Midgham, Berkshire in August. It has an estimate of £8,000 to £12,000.

During the recording of the cult ballard which was released on the Beatles For Sale album in December 1964, John Lennon is heard saying: "I'm playing baby. I know I can't stop laughing because I can see them two. I'm not looking at you."

Paul McCartney replies: "You were."

John Lennon says: "It's just going to get funnier and funnier as the evening goes on. It's 11o'clock you know."

Paul McCartney says: "Let's just try this once more and if it's the last one that's hard lines."

The pair are then heard trying to record the track a number of times before collapsing in a fit of laughter.

Eventually they get it right as on the second side of the tape there is a completed recording of Follow The Sun.

The newly discovered Beatles recording also includes hits, Don't Put Me Down Like This, I Feel Fine, She's A Woman, Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby, Honey Don't, I'll Follow The Sun, I'm A Loser, Too Much Monkey Business, Nitty Gritty, Somethings Gotta Hold Of Me and I Shall Not Be Moved.
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